How to disable “There are unused items on your desktop”

Right-click on your desktop background and select [Properties]. From the “Display Properties” window, select the [Desktop] tab. Select the [Customize Desktop…] button at the bottom. Uncheck the “Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard every 60 days” box and click the [OK] button, and then click the [OK] button on the display properties window. That should be it!

How I want my software to be updated

I’m stuck in Windows XP land for the time being, so some of this rant is taken care of elsewhere. I hope. 1. Don’t tell me about the update unless it is absolutely necessary for me to stop what I’m doing for the update to proceed. 2. Automatically update, unless a core component of the […]

Emulating Grep in Powershell

Emulating Grep in Powershell. The option presented is to perform a grep on several files. For a search in one file, with results going to output.txt select-string -pattern “{pattern}” -caseSensitive c:pathtofile.txt > output.txt One note: The lines wrapped at the width of the command window, even when redirected to a file.

The Next Windows ME?

A co-worker the other day suggested to me that Windows 7 was going to be the next Windows ME, because of the rush to market that seems to be going on.   I would tend to believe the opposite; that Windows Vista is becoming the next Windows ME.  However, I’m starting to become mildly skeptical of […]