Starting to build a little momentum

I’m probably a couple of weeks away from being able to run any kind of long run outside–in part from recovery, but mostly from happily being blind-sided by the responsibilities of having a second child at home.

I’m glad I never thought about the implications of having a new baby in the house; the initial stress on the body is much like the first few miles I ran two years ago… except for the fact that the baby doesn’t always stop crying within 30 minutes, and the fact that running does not involve much responsibility, etc…


2 miles in 18:19 @ 2% incline (9'10" pace)


11.27 miles in 30 minutes @ level 20 on StairMaster/Speed Intervals

Slowly building

SI joint seems to be more in-line now than before. Got some ITB and hip flexor stretches in.

Ran 3 miles in 27:41 (9’14”). A little hip flexor soreness. A few kinks otherwise.

30 minutes on the StairMaster bike afterwards, speed interval program, 20 resistance, 10.81 miles (21.6 mph).

Running is enjoyable

Despite the fact that my post Pig self would scoff at my workout today, I found my RUN enjoyable.

I ran 2 miles in 18:27. (9’14” pace)

To complete the workout, I biked 10.88 miles in 30 minutes at level 20 resistance on the StairMaster bike downstairs. Until at full strength (and maybe even afterwards), I will try supplementing my runs with bike activity.

I’m not so sure about the elliptical anymore. It’s a tougher workout, but it seems to be causing more stress than the bike or even the running. From now on, I’ll bike afterward as a “cool down” and see how that goes.

Hard day of nothing

At 7 am, I got on the elliptical @ 13 and 15 resistance on the “weight loss” program on the elliptical. 1.88 miles in 20:02 minutes.

Then, at 7:30 am, I got on the treadmill for 2 miles, starting at 3.8 mph… 22:55 (11’28” miles). Back jacked up all morning from the workout.

This afternoon at 4:45 pm, I had to work out some frustration. 11.25 miles in 30 minutes at level 20 resistance on the “aerobic” program on the Stairmaster bike downstairs.

I still almost broke out a 6:30 mile.

Given today’s diagnosis and advice from the doctor’s office, I biked on the blasted stationary bike.

StairMaster bike @ 20 resistance, 11.33 miles in 30 minutes (aerobic program)… last attempt was 10.88 miles, but I didn’t run before this attempt.


4 sets of 10 @ 100 lbs assist

Seated Press:

10x175 lbs
10x160 lbs
10x145 lbs
10x130 lbs
10x115 lbs
15x100 lbs

I was so geared up by the end of the workout that I was ready to break out a 6’30” mile, despite knowing that that would probably finish me off.

Mixed Bandolier of Carrots

Yes, I stole that one from the message boards.


1.25 miles (11:33) 9'15"

Massage yesterday and stretching beforehand really helped, but I tightened up too much by 1.25 miles. Couldn’t restart after stopping. Main stretching was for piriformis muscle, some hamstring, quad, ITB stretches also. This may just be a slow ramp up back to 8 miles and beyond.


StairMaster bike @ 20 resistance, 10.88 miles in 30 min, aerobic program

I hate cycling. Such a painful waste of non-productive exercise time.

Pull Ups:

2 sets of 10 reps @ 100 lbs assist
1 set of 10 reps @ 115 lbs assist

Shoulder Press:

10 reps @ 175 lbs
10 reps @ 160 lbs
10 reps @ 145 lbs
10 reps @ 130 lbs
10 reps @ 115 lbs
15 reps @ 100 lbs