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  • Starting to build a little momentum

    I’m probably a couple of weeks away from being able to run any kind of long run outside–in part from recovery, but mostly from happily being blind-sided by the responsibilities of having a second child at home. I’m glad I never thought about the implications of having a new baby in the house; the initial…

  • Slowly building

    SI joint seems to be more in-line now than before. Got some ITB and hip flexor stretches in. Ran 3 miles in 27:41 (9’14”). A little hip flexor soreness. A few kinks otherwise. 30 minutes on the StairMaster bike afterwards, speed interval program, 20 resistance, 10.81 miles (21.6 mph).

  • Running is enjoyable

    Despite the fact that my post Pig self would scoff at my workout today, I found my RUN enjoyable. I ran 2 miles in 18:27. (9’14” pace) To complete the workout, I biked 10.88 miles in 30 minutes at level 20 resistance on the StairMaster bike downstairs. Until at full strength (and maybe even afterwards),…