Remember the Milk is on Twitter!

This may be old news to many RTM/Twitter users, but it was a pleasant surprise to me today.

As I was perusing the Remember the Milk keyboard shortcuts, I noticed that at the bottom, under “Services”, Twitter was listed. So I clicked on the link, and the “Services / Remember the Milk for Twitter page” came up, where I could enter my Twitter id. I was presented with a verification code for the next step.

From there, I typed “follow rtm” and then “d rtm [verification code]”.

Now that all that is set up, I can interact with Twitter through direct msg:

d rtm pick up the milk”

d rtm call jimmy at 5pm tomorrow”

d rtm !complete call jimmy”

All the instructions and some command examples are at:

Of course, I’m still learning how to even use the RTM Date Formats.

Of course, since I can txt updates to Twitter (40404), I can add tasks for today by texting
d rtm pick up the milk today”

I don’t need a laptop or notepad to record my “action items” anymore. This is awesome.

Added 8/23:
Thanks to @louisvilllesoup, I looked into sending tasks from e-mail to RTM inbox as well… this is a pretty robust feature set.

A much simpler setup is importing a list via e-mail, which enables adding a list in bulk to a specific list (e.g., personal) by specifying the list in the subject line and list items on individual lines in the message body. A downside to this method is that signature lines and legal disclaimers get added (per line) to your to do list. I’ll need to research if there is a way around this.


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