What is your backup strategy?

I'm looking for input on what your home and/or small business backup strategy is.

What? You don't have one? Well, mine has been spotty at best.

I originally bought my Dell XPS desktop as a "Scratch & Dent" machine.  It has a RAID controller, but only came with a 250 GB hard drive, and the RAID software reported back that the RAID volume was degraded (because it was missing the second drive of the volume).  I eventually replaced the hard drive with two 500 GB hard drives, and opted not to enable RAID 0 or 1 for those two.  Unfortunately, I didn't enable mirroring RAID, but fortunately, I didn't enable RAID 0, or 1 TB of data would be lost now.

My boot drive (which of course, houses all of the pictures, iTunes "imported" music, etc. in the My Documents folder) died this morning.  This was not the classic slow death that I'm used on older drives with slower spindle speeds.  This drive now sounds like a chainsaw.

I originally created the boot drive by using Symantec Ghost to resize the original 250 GB drive to a 500 GB drive, so I have that old backup still available.  In addition, I just refreshed the backup of my pictures to the 2nd drive, otherwise, those would be about a year out of date.

My prior backup experiences:

  • Backup pictures to DVD+/-RW using Nero, copying directory structures to backup so that the DVDs would be usable as standalone discs.
  • Backup pictures to DVD+/-RW using Nero or other backup software, using disc spanning and propriety backup formats.
  • Backup pictures to USB 2.5" HD
  • Backup music and pictures to the shared drive of a wirelessly networked PC that is used for little else.
  • Symantec Ghost backups for dying drive recovery and backup.

I now own a 1 TB USB drive for backup purposes, but I'm torn between Ghost managed backups, Ghost images, or some non-proprietary format for my backup solution.

Any thoughts?

18.01 miles in 2:49:27, 60.9 miles for the week #twit2fit

Ran in running shorts + compression shorts, ear warmer, and Under Armour Cold Gear mock turtleneck shirt and Under Armour Cold Gear gloves.   I started out dressed for the mid-teens temperatures from this morning (same as above + a pair of pants, an extra shirt, a extra pair of socks, and cotton gloves over my Under Armour gloves).  By the time I got to run at 11:30am, it was 25'F.

The weather started out overcast and calm winds, but by the last few miles, I was running into a 20 mph headwind.  There's nothing more frustrating than having completely exhausted legs and having to kick with everything you have left just to move forward.

Pretty good run, had moderate burning pain in the front part of my plantar fascia miles 9-12.  Had an intense pain in my SI joint for a second around mile 13.  Legs felt like lead for most of the rest of the way.  Of course, I've never known the last few miles of a 60 mile week to be all that comfortable for me.  I'm hoping I can hit this weekly mileage mark (or better) a few more times before the Louisville Triple Crown of Running.  I hate the crowds, but the timing of the races fits well into a mid-spring marathon plan.

Mile Total Time Lap
1 08:55.21 08:55.21
2 17:51.12 08:55.91
3 27:08.28 09:17.16
4 36:39.33 09:31.05
5 46:00.71 09:21.38
6 55:06.84 09:06.13
7 01:04:25.22 09:18.38
8 01:13:58.96 09:33.74
9 01:23:34.35 09:35.39
10 01:33:13.60 09:39.25
11 01:43:03.29 09:49.69
12 01:52:32.16 09:28.87
13 02:02:13.97 09:41.81
14 02:11:43.54 09:29.57
15 02:21:11.55 09:28.01
16 02:30:38.52 09:26.97
17 02:39:50.85 09:12.33
18 02:49:16.12 09:25.27
18.01 02:49:27.79 00:11.67

How long was your marathon?

26.47 - Flying Pig '08
Flying Pig '08 was + 1/4 mile

How long was your marathon?  It's a question that annoys the slightly-less-than-novice marathoner.  There's an air of offense that comes in response to the question:  "How dare you not know how far I ran?  It's a marathon.  Worship me."

But there's not that much that is special about finishing a marathon, because in reality, many marathons have a 14 1/2 minute- to 17 minute- mile cutoff for finishing--often easily within a walkers' ability.

I'm almost to the point where I would rather just be left alone to train and run my marathon in peace than answer questions about my running.   I still want acknowledgment of my accomplishments, but I don't want to answer the same question over and over, nor do I want to hear admonitions about my knees.

All this being said, I find it a little annoying that someone would attempt to make money off of participants in a sport without knowing enough to represent the official distance.  (A half-marathon is 13.1 miles, not 13.3.)  But that's not a running thing--that's a ignorant profiteering thing.

The story behind the image in my post?  The 2008 Flying Pig Marathon was diverted at around mile 22 due to a large structure fire along the course, adding an extra 1/4 mile.  It's still my best marathon time by 50 minutes, out of 4 marathons in the last 14 months.

There *have* been badly measured marathon routes, up to a mile too long (Lakeshore Marathon).

Cold, wet, but fruitful 16-mile in 2:26:03 (9'00"/mile) this morning #twit2fit

I ran in the 45 degree rain this morning, starting about 8:30 in the morning.  I had originally intended to run with a group from work this morning at 8 am downtown, but the thunder, lightning, and downpours canceled that.  However, by 8am at the house, things had cleared up enough to go running.

There was still a steady rain when I started, which continued until about halfway through the run.  I overdressed slightly (I wouldn't wear a mock turtleneck or long sleeve in 45'F weather, normally) to make up for the fact that I'd be soaking wet for most of the run.

My target pace for my easy/long runs has been 9'13", but in planning today's run I expected about a 9'30" pace, considering I already had 39 miles in 5 days, and this 16 mile run would make 55.  I started out a little fast, but slowed down as I had a couple of hills to climb around the 3rd mile.  In the tenth mile, a medium sized dog on a leash lunged and snarled at me, causing me to dodge and land awkwardly on the left leg, making me feel my SI joint injury from last August.  That was enough pain to get me fired up to stay under 9 minute miles the rest of the way.

At mile 15, I realized that I could hit a 9 minute pace for the entire run if I just ran that mile below an 8-minute pace.  There was plenty left in the tank to hit that time, and it felt good to be able to finish strong on my longest run in a while.

Mile Total Time Pace
1 00:08:53 08:53
2 00:17:37 08:44
3 00:26:45 09:08
4 00:36:06 09:21
5 00:45:22 09:16
6 00:54:37 09:15
7 01:03:54 09:17
8 01:13:16 09:22
9 01:22:38 09:22
10 01:31:46 09:08
11 01:40:44 08:58
12 01:49:41 08:57
13 01:58:37 08:56
14 02:07:23 08:46
15 02:16:02 08:39
16 02:23:43 07:41
16.26 02:25:55 08:28

Importing an ftp blogger blog into WordPress 2.7

If you have a blogspot blog or custom domain, there is a Blogger
import in wordpress:

  • wp-admin
  • Left Sidebar Tools, Import
  • Select Blogger

Of course, if you have your own hosting and use Blogger via FTP to
publish your blog, this is not an option

I tried using the RSS feed import in blogger (as did other people), but when I tried the import, it failed with no errors.  (No posts were added to my WordPress blog, yet the import displayed only, "All done, Have fun!"

Instead, I chose to convert my Blogger FTP blog to blogspot.

  • Go to Blogger.com
  • Click on "Settings" for your ftp blog.
  • Under the "Settings" tab, click "publishing"

You'll see the following options

Switch to: • blogspot.com (Blogger's free hosting service) • Custom Domain (Point your own registered domain name to your blog) • SFTP (secure publishing on your ISP server)

  • Click blogspot.com
  • Pick an arbitrary blogspot.com address, verify the word, and select [Save Settings].

Then follow the normal steps to import the redirected blog into WordPress.

If you've already imported from Blogger, you may have to select [Clear Account Information] and then [Authorize] to refresh the list of blogs.

A little more daring 15 mirun from Saturday #twit2fit

For those familiar with Fern Creek/J-town...

  • I ran down Fairground Rd (w/o sidewalk) to Old Fairground Woods - Out and back (mile 1-2)
  • Out Brandywine to Bardstown Rd (mile 3)
  • Down St Gabriel to Cool Brook (with a steep climb to Michael Edward) (mile 4)
  • Did a loop in the Nottinghamshire Neighborhood (Laverne, Stillmeadow, Nottinghamshire, Longborough) off Stonybrook
  • Out Stonybrook to Six Mile/Galene
  • Galene over to Old Six Mile to Taylorsville Rd
  • Down Taylorsville Rd to the Springview neighborhood

Elevation Change Total (ft)
Total Elevation 2,047
Elevation Gain 1,023
Elevation Loss 1,023


224 pushups (8x28) in 50 minutes #twit2fit

Over 13 consecutive days, I've logged 2,756 pushups, starting with 200
the first day, and added 1% (2 pushups) per day.

I break up the pushups into 8, 9, 10, and 11 sets on a rotating basis,
with my only goal for the sets being to complete the sets within one

So far, my biggest issue is not having the workout interrupted at some
point during the hour. Tonight, I had a 30 minute gap between my
first 3 sets and my last 5.