The future of storage?

The SD Card Association has unveiled a 2 Terabyte capacity microSD  card spec (SDXC) [InformationWeek article]. The specification uses the exFAT file system (FAT64).  Recently, SanDisk trumpeted drastic improvement in flash write speed.  Granted, the drastic speed boost will come to market long before the SDXC spec is maxed out.

Imagine the applications for carrying 500GB-2TB of data in a form smaller than your little finger’s fingernail. To me, up until now, desktop-scale SSD storage has meant 2.5” hard drive form factor magnitude.

Imagine the implications to:

  • The netbook/sub-notebook evolution - the MacBook Air suddenly looks like a luggable?
  • The evolution of smartphones - Savvy users may be able to have them as desktop replacements.
  • Optical media - Why would you ever wait 30 minutes to burn a DVD-DL again?
  • The entertainment industry
    • 200-1000 exact copies of DVDs could be stored on a single disc. Good luck detecting a microSD in Customs.
    • High Quality HD Video Cameras could be the size of a small point-and-shoot camera. YouTube becomes small potatoes compared to the amateur filmmakers whose hobbyist movies start competing with professionally produced movies.
  • The software industry
  • Information security
    • How much damage could a virtually undetectable 500GB drive connected to the network do?
    • How much damage could a misplaced 500GB drive the size of a fingernail do?
  • Green computing
    • The power consumption of such small drives could make current SSDs look like power hogs.
  • The potential death of the desktop PC? (Again...  didn't we have this prediction in 1998?)

On a personal level, I'm just as intrigued at the possibility of exFAT/FAT64 being introduced as the file system for removable storage.  FAT32 does not make for good removable storage once you get to the 2-4 GB range.  If you have several small files, they quickly eat up space on disk, despite not taking up even a 1/4th of the actual space.   I'm also hopeful that exFAT will have better support outside of Windows than NTFS.

Marathon Training plan and Pushups Plan #twit2fit

Smart Coach Plan Created on 1/5/2009 - loose guide for mileage ramp-up and interval/tempo pacing. I plan on slowing down easy days as much as necessary to complete them. The plan says 8'56" miles, but Daniels' 2nd edition has as slow as 9'14" based on a 21'54" 5k time.

Start mileage: 51 miles, starting last Monday.
Peak mileage: 74 miles.
Marathon date: 4/19/2009.

Pushups Plan - 2,090 pushups in 10 consecutive days so far. I'm planning on +1% every day until I can't continue the pattern. No time limit on sets, except for available free time. I've been completing the sets within 30 minutes to an hour each day. Hopefully, the workload is light enough to allow consecutive days. The way I've done the breakdown, I won't reach 100 consecutive pushups until June.

Shorter plans:
100 pushups in six "weeks"
200 situps in six "weeks"

Direct Message Phishing to Spam

I received a Twitter DM from one of the accounts that was a victim of Twitter phishing this weekend.

Hey! I just got a FREE iphone from this website.. here

The culprit is a follower known to me, and not a random spam follower this time.  Looks like some other people are experiencing the same thing, according results found in Twitscoop:

Just received a DM from an actual follower. So not clicking th@, & delete! My 1st phish. Watch out 4 it Twitteropolis.

Added 2008.01.05:

An InformationWeek Article mentions that some hacked accounts were compromised by someone who hacked some Twitter support tools.

Testing e-mailing in posts through WordPress

Content-Type: text/html; charset=ISO-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Disposition: inline

On the Admin page, under Settings->Writing:

Post via e-mailTo post to WordPress by e-mail you must set up a secret e-mail
account with POP3 access. Any mail received at this address will be
posted, so it's a good idea to keep this address very secret. Here are
three random strings you could use:  .....

I created a pop3 mail address including a simple name and a random string, then added whitelist protection to only allow e-mail from certain addresses, in addition to Spam Assassin protection.

I went back to the Post via e-mail section in WordPress and added my mail server information.

This is the first post using this method.

Twitter Phishing Attack Screenshots

A Mashable post about the Twitter phishing attack going on makes the point that this is a "coming-of-age" for Twitter, in that "nobody phishes where there are no phish to catch."  Maybe so, but I'm annoyed nonetheless.

Twitter sent out a tweet (if you're following @Twitter) linking to a blog post about the phishing event.

I'm up to 7 direct messages in the last 24 hours or so.

The blogspot blog used in the following message has been taken down by Blogger:

hey look at this funny blog


However, the access-logins site is still running, and looks "authentic" for not paying attention.

fixed it.. hehe here is that blog i wanted to show you


One commenter on the Mashable article notes that the domain was registered on December 16th, and that facebook.access-logins.... goes to the same site. (Actually, *.access-logins... goes there.) Perhaps the domain's purpose is its name... to "access logins."

If you leave off the "/login" on the path, you get a Facebook spoof page:


Recovery Run on the Grassy Knoll #twit2fit

10.44 miles in 1:38:48 (9'28"/mile pace)--38'F to start, and a bit windy.

This is quite a bit slower than I usually allow myself to go, but still probably a little too fast for the day after a race. Today I did a few more sidewalk-less connections along Billtown and Bardstown Roads, running in the grass. While I'm still uneasy about the unevenness of some grassy areas (especially along Billtown), the grass provides a little bit of relief from the hard surfaces, especially the concrete sidewalks.

I pulled down the ear warmers about halfway, but when I turned up Michael Edward Drive, I turned headlong into a wind tunnel and put the (now wet and cold) ear warmers on for protection.

I had some concern about my SI joint injury and left shin pain, but both were manageable with the slower tempo.

2009 Goals/Resolutions #twit2fit

1. Take care of family
2. Stay employed
3. Spring Marathon <3:30
4. 5k PR -- sub 21 min 5k
5. Add 2 new marathon states to my list
6. Learn to recover from marathons properly
7. Monkey IV, November 2009 <4:00 <3:45
8. >2000 miles for 2009
9. Drop below 160 #.

First race of the year: Hangover Classic #twit2fit

I raced the 10 mile Hangover Classic in (East of) Downtown Louisville this morning. The forecasts were saying start temperature would be low 30s, but reality was that my warm-up at 9:15 was at about 19°F, and start was probably low 20s still. The course is amazing flat, with an average grade of about 1.6%. With the air temperature generally very cold, the race is about as fast as you can get.

Summary Data
Moving Time (h:m:s) 1:15:39 7:30 pace
Distance (mi ) 10.08
Moving Speed (mph) 8.0 avg. 11.8 max.
Elevation Gain (ft) +412 / -422
Temperature (°F) 28.4°F avg. 32°F high
Wind Speed ( mph) SE 8.8 avg. SE 9.2 max.

I set my Garmin to pace me for a 7'15" pace, trying to beat my Papa John's 10 miler PR (which is a little warmer and a little bit hillier with Iroquois Park in the middle). I struggled to hit 7'15" pace even once, but stayed below 7'30" pace until the wheels came off in the 8th mile. My legs had no kick left, and I had some major side stitches creeping in. I also managed to run the course inefficiently, adding about 0.05 from running wide on several turns.

Warm up:1.6 miles in 14:28 for a 9'01" pace.
Recovery: 2.51 miles in 26:28 for a 10'31" pace

I started the morning with a bit of a cold and my mileage has dropped off of late. Looks like I'll be looking at the Papa John's 10 miler this year to break the 75 minute mark.

(mi )
1 7:16 1.00
2 7:15 1.00
3 7:24 1.00
4 7:28 1.00
5 7:21 1.00
6 7:22 1.00
7 7:29 1.00
8 7:44 1.00
9 7:44 1.00
10 7:52 1.00
11 0:37 0.08

Elevation Chart: