Running streak? Day 2. #twit2fit

2.5 miles in 24’15”.

Ok, so I’ve been cleared to run, but last vacation last week brought about a number of factors that made it hard to actually do so.  It really pained me to be at the beach (Gulf Shores) and not be able to run from Gulf Shores into Escambia County, FL and back.


That’s horribly painful.

Also, the beach was littered with Portuguese Man o’ War–a 2-3 feet wide swath for miles of beach, and red flags (no swimming) were flying all week.

Anyway, I’m going to try running consistently, moderately slowly (although everything seems fast right now), and increasing my mileage by about 3 1/2 miles per week until I get close to 40 mpw.  I’m definitely not in any condition to run more than 3 miles per day more than a couple of days in a row.  Hopefully, a couple of weeks of build-up will get some of my muscle memory back.

Back to the weight room today, also:

MACHINE Sets Reps Weight “Total Weight”
Seated Chest 4 11 175 7700
Butterfly 4 10 100 4000
Lat Pull 4 11 100 4400
Dips 4 11 135 5940
Dips 2 11 175 3850
Tricep Extension 2 22 60 2640
Leg Curl 4 11 115 5060
Leg Extension 4 11 115 5060

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