Day 25, 2×800 intervals #twit2fit

It was a beautiful, if slightly windy, day outside.  62’F and sunny.  I tried a shortened interval session outside in the office park (not for the faint of heart).

I was almost knocked off of the road by a Green Expedition [license plate would be included if I had remembered it] whose driver decided not to wait for the car in front of him and angrily passed while talking on his cell phone–right at the point where I was on the road.  I guess the phone conversation and trip to the bank/Chilis was more important than actually paying attention to the road.

…anyway…  I managed to get a couple of sub-7 pace 800s in, and a final quick stride at a 6’10” pace at the end of the run:  4.9 miles in 43’22” (8’52″/mile).

RunningAHEAD – Strings_n_88keys’s log: View Workout.

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