How well has the Sprint/Palm campaign against Apple has been doing?

Article: Sprint Palm Pre campaign wants bite of Apple’s pie

Interesting statistics on Sprint’s NOW Network campaign and how well it as performed against the buzz that the iPhone creates.

Things that I take away from this article:

  • Sprint and Palm are name-dropping Twitter and Facebook to freshen up their image.
  • Aggressive marketing of the Palm Pre helped Palm briefly overtake the iPhone in terms of search buzz generated, ending when the iPhone 3G S was announced.
  • There was only an 11% overlap in those who searched for the Palm Pre vs. those who searched for an iPhone.

I did notice one of the ad campaign quotes mentioned from the article:

The Palm Pre does things the iPhone can’t. Run multiple applications at the same time

I have to say that using my iPhone as a chronic multitasker, I don’t really notice the fact that I’m only running one application at a time on the iPhone. The context switching is pretty seamless to me, and my usual problem with getting too deep into multitasking on the desktop is that I eventually have more than 21 windows to through. Saving application state is actually much cleaner than having all open applications to switch through. While the Palm Pre has a cleaner way of switching through applications that have been opened that Windows Mobile does, I can imagine being in the Palm Pre card equivalent of hell.

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