14.11 miles in 2:18:00 to Iroquois Park, up the hill, and back–good run even though slow.

View from the lookout
View from the Iroquois Hill Lookout toward St Mary's and Elizabeth hospital

Today was  a beautiful day.  My parents watched the kids while I ran my long run from their house to Iroquois Park, around, up the hill…  no time pressure.  Limited traffic to deal with for that time of day too.  (My usual long run follows Taylorsville Rd, Hurstbourne Pkwy, Billtown Rd, and Bardstown Rd, crossing Billtown and Taylorsville Rds twice. I’d happily do a run like this for 20+ miles at whatever pace my body had in me–I think my occasional feelings of burnout from running have to do more with time constraints and treadmills that actual mileage put in.

Don’t get me wrong, a week after running my first 70 mile week (in 6 days instead of the usual 7), I ran 56 this week and the runs at the end of the week hurt, including today’s. However, the minor pain was worth the enjoyment of the run itself. I’ve been treadmill bound this week and most of last week. Getting out in the park or a nice marathon course is pretty much what I put up with all the other runs for.

Check out the crazy elevation profile:

I thought my pace was suffering quite a bit more than it did. Not happy with floating so close to 10 minute pace, but despite how I felt and how warm it was, I only went over 10 minutes once:
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