2011 Goals, Fitness and Otherwise

While this is a somewhat specific and lengthy post of goals, this is really more of a mindset setting for me personally that a specific set of checklist items that will determine my success or failure.

I hope to revise this [with revisions noted] on a monthly basis.

Running / Fitness

Train less, harder, and more consistently.

  • Don’t shy from intervals and tempo runs.
  • Build to a 50 mile per week average by the end of January and keep the average within 2 miles per week of that mark.  The daily mileage slog has been accomplished.  I’m not going to improve my performance on pure training volume alone, unless I get a sponsorship equal to my current pay.
  • There are no marathon goals for this year.  I plan to run two in November, but this year is primarily and maintenance and base-building year.  I have failed to run an entire year consistently and healthy since 2007.

Release the apathy and fear.

  • Get outside in the rain once.
  • Hit the hills as much as possible.
  • Train on the hottest day of the summer.
  • Attack a run that specifically becomes a point of dread.

Train smarter

  • Get back into consistent strengthening exercises.
  • Add flexibility into the mix.

Plan daytime eating

  • Don’t be caught off guard by the thought of what to eat 5 minutes before it is found.
  • Control daytime nutrition
  • Stash fresh fruit, peanut butter, oatmeal, etc…


Finish 24 books:


  • Re-learn and improve organ and work up at least one organ specific piece in time for Easter.


  • Establish a specific weekly activity to do 1-on-1 with each of the kids.
  • Date night once per week.


  • Pet project development.

Pace Band for 3:45:00 Marathon

3:45 Pace Band

Marathon Pace Guide at runnersworld.com

03:45:00 Pace

Mile Split
1 00:08:35
2 00:17:10
3 00:25:45
4 00:34:21
5 00:42:56
6 00:51:31
7 01:00:06
8 01:08:42
9 01:17:17
10 01:25:52
11 01:34:27
12 01:43:03
13 01:51:38
14 02:00:13
15 02:08:49
16 02:17:24
17 02:25:59
18 02:34:34
19 02:43:10
20 02:51:45
21 03:00:20
22 03:08:55
23 03:17:31
24 03:26:06
25 03:34:41
26 03:43:16
FINISH 03:45:00

Morning & PR

12 days until Flying Pig. The Marathon PR that I’m setting out to beat–4:34:06. If all goes as planned, I’ll be breaking 3:50:00.

I’m not considering the concept of missing PR, and I’m shutting out the thought of being over 4 hours at all.

Despite running 10 miles after waking up with knee issues yesterday, legs are feeling pretty good today. Strangely enough, my shoulders and upper arms are sore today.

Insanity Plea

I don’t know if this is a legitimate goal for me at this point, it presumes a lot.

Qualifying time is 3:20

So… here it is: My long term goal is to qualify for the Boston Marathon by the age of 40. Since the Boston qualifying time is stated time plus 59 seconds, my goal will be my 40th birthday + 364 days–beating 3:20:59 before the time my 41st birthday arrives.

That’s 26.22 miles at 7’40” per mile.

To qualify between 35 and before 40 (3:15:59), I have to hit 7’29” per mile.

To qualify before 35 (3:10:59), I have to hit 7’18” per mile.