Tag Cloud for ftp blogger blogs

In the sidebar section for Blogger template, include:

The following is a modified version of tag cloud source I found.

define('PREFIX', 'labels/'); // for url
define('SEARCH_DIR', '/home/username/www/labels'); // server location of labels subdirectory

define('THIS_FILE', 'labels.php'); // name of labels file (this file)

if(file_exists(SEARCH_DIR.'_cloud_include_cache.php') &&
echo file_get_contents(SEARCH_DIR.'_cloud_include_cache.php');

* build_cloud builds a tag cloud from the labels files.
* It actually uses labels file size to determine font size... which does
* not necessarily coincide with number of posts for a given label.
* smallest file is assigned 100% font-size. largest file - 200%
* everything else is proportional in between.
function build_cloud()
$output = '';
$files = array();
$dir = opendir(SEARCH_DIR);
while($file = readdir($dir))
if($file != '.' && $file != '..' && $file != THIS_FILE && $file != CACHE_FILE)
$files[$file] = filesize(SEARCH_DIR."/".$file);
$low_end = min($low_end, $files[$file]);
$high_end = max($high_end, $files[$file]);
foreach($files as $name=>$size)
$output .= "
htmlentities(str_replace('.php','',$name))." ";
echo $output;

$fp = fopen(SEARCH_DIR.'_cloud_include_cache.html','w');
fwrite($fp, $output);
function get_style($low_end, $high_end, $size)
$net = $high_end - $low_end;
$font_size = (($size - $low_end) * 100) / $net + 100;

if(!$interval) $interval++;

return "font-size: ".$font_size."%;";

I don’t like it.

I sweated it out on the exercise bike because my foot could not take the treadmill today. 40 minutes at about 28 mph? I set it for 500 calories burned.

Exercise bikes are annoying. I’m just hoping that I got a decent workout.

Day 1, Week 1: Hundred Pushup Program

I’ve decided to use the hundred pushups program to structure my strength exercises in general: pushups, situps, bicep curls (30 lbs, each arm), and dumbbell lifts (30 lbs, each arm).

My max reps at the end were the absolute limit. On the situps, I slowed down, but kept going for 51 reps. Ouch that hurt.

Set tally, “-“=1-minute recovery period. “[#]”=max

Pushups: 10-10-8-6-[25], 59 total.
Situps : 10-10-8-6-[51], 85 total.
Curls : 10-10-8-6-[ 9], 43 total.
Lifts : 10-10-8-6-[10], 44 total.

Bluegrass 10000 Race Report

I noticed something this morning preparing for the race: I had received what appeared to be a seeded bib despite last year’s 57:27 time in this event.

In registering, I’m sure I might have had some lofty goal such as 45 minutes… about 1:26 off my 10k PR… but nothing seed-worthy. I’m sure it was a mix-up involving people wanting to give out pretty red bibs with double digit numbers on them.

Of course, I didn’t remotely think about lining up in the seeded area, but perhaps I should have lined up in the area right behind it–with 3,000+ registrants, there are a lot of downsides to being modest about your abilities when lining up.

Weather was periodic drizzle and mild.

I lined up in about in an area where most people appeared capable of a 7-8 minute pace, and set my Garmin 305 to pace a 7’25” pace for 10 miles (46 minute 10k). By the first 1/4 mile, I had fallen 150 ft off that pace, and rapidly lost ground until about 300 ft. I slammed my tender right foot into the ground stopping for a wall of walkers, and limped for a few paces until the adrenaline overcame the soreness.

I managed to hit 7:45 pace for the first mile, despite the crowd. The second mile, I went on a passing frenzy. By the third mile, I had very little left. I managed to push it the 6th mile to salvage a respectable time–47:47–1 minute and 20 seconds off my PR from the 2008 Rodes City Run. I should have lined up better, but given my ankle issues and lack of conditioning recently, a decent performance.

Splits from my Garmin (6.25 miles. That’s either a very efficient run or a short course.)

1 Mi 7:45 7:45 7:45
1 Mi 7:06 14:51 7:06
1 Mi 7:55 22:46 7:55
1 Mi 7:52 30:38 7:52
1 Mi 8:05 38:43 8:05
1 Mi 7:16 45:59 7:16
0.25 Mi 1:45 47:44 7:00

Elevation Chart:

Stupid? Maybe.

I made an appointment for Tuesday @ 9:30 am with the doctor. Really hoping that there’s nothing to see him about by then, but it has been two weeks and pain still causes limping occasionally. I start feeling better then get worse, although the general trend seems to be in the getting better direction.

Doing frozen water bottle rolls and ice on the ankle. When my heel is thoroughly frozen, I’ll switch back over to heat.

Oh, yes… I’m supposedly racing tomorrow.

Somewhat recovered from injury

Today was the second day of my first back-to-back days of running since the Hatfield-McCoy marathon. I’m running at a considerably more sane pace than 8 minute miles.

I have noticed that my body seems to be a little bit unfamiliar with running now. Still, 6.4 miles yesterday… below my established 8’50” easy pace. Had to wrap in FreezeIT after. This morning, my first mile was rough, but 8’33” pace overall for 8 miles. My heel and ankle hurt a little bit, but I’m actually feeling better after today’s workout than after yesterday’s.