Slightly up tempo 4 miler

I had a slightly up tempo 4+ mile run today: 4.27 miles in 34:55, or 8’11” pace

My “sluggish” first mile ended being 8:16. I decided to try and kick it up tempo for the next mile, finishing in 8 minutes even. I took it easier the 3rd and 4th miles, although still well under my target of 8’45” pace. At the 4-mile mark, I decided to run with everything I had… 0.27 miles at 6’07” pace.

Not as much kick as I’d like to have, but still good to have that back.

First long run in a while

I barely consider 14 a long run anymore, but consider it’s 6 miles longer than my longest run in 3 weeks, it was a long run.

My goal was to hit 8’51″/mile for every mile. I averaged it, but went over on three different miles.

My tendon next to my ankle hurts quite a bit now.

Mile # Dist Time
1 1 Mi 08:45
2 1 Mi 08:46
3 1 Mi 08:46
4 1 Mi 08:45
5 1 Mi 08:52
6 1 Mi 08:44
7 1 Mi 08:42
8 1 Mi 08:49
9 1 Mi 08:45
10 1 Mi 08:35
11 1 Mi 09:15
12 1 Mi 09:01
13 1 Mi 08:48
14 1 Mi 08:37
88 Yd 00:30

Elevation Gain (ft) +713 / -719:

VBScript to push files into an array based on a wildcard

Option Explicit
Dim gFSO
Dim dirListing
Dim fileName

set gFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")

dirListing = ListDir("c:??*d*")

If UBound(dirListing) = -1 then
Wscript.Echo "No files found."
For Each fileName in dirListing
WScript.Echo FileName
End If

' List a directory, with the last part of the directory being the path
Function ListDir (ByVal Path)
Dim fileRegex
Dim searchFolderName
Dim searchFolder
Dim searchFolderFiles
Dim fileName
Dim fileArray
Dim file

set fileRegex = New RegExp
If gFSO.FolderExists(Path) Then ' Path is a directory, list all files in path
searchFolder = Path
fileName = ""
searchFolderName = gFSO.GetParentFolderName(Path)
fileName = gFSO.GetFileName(Path)
fileRegex.Global = True
fileRegex.Pattern = "."
fileName = fileRegex.Replace(fileName, ".")
fileRegex.Pattern = "?"
fileName = fileRegex.Replace(fileName, ".")
fileRegex.Pattern = "*"
fileName = fileRegex.Replace(fileName, ".*")
End If
With fileRegex
.Pattern = fileName
.IgnoreCase = True
.Global = False
End With

ReDim fileArray(1)
Dim fileCount : fileCount = 0

Set searchFolder = gFSO.GetFolder(searchFolderName)
Set searchFolderFiles = searchFolder.Files

For Each file in searchFolderFiles
If fileRegex.Test(file.Name) Then
If fileCount > UBound(fileArray) Then
ReDim Preserve fileArray(fileCount*2)
End If
fileArray(fileCount) = file.Path
fileCount = fileCount + 1
End If
ReDim Preserve fileArray(fileCount - 1)
ListDir = fileArray
End Function

Second day after doctor’s appointment

The NSAID regimen is doing wonders for recovery. Similar to last week, the second day in a row of running was considerably easier than the first. It was almost like my muscles woke up today.

Ran 8.1 miles in 1:09:54. Weather was 67° F, humid, and partly cloudy. Started my run before 6am, and got to see the sunrise peek through the clouds on the horizon for about half of my run. I had a little sprint of 6’16” pace for 0.10 mile at the end of the run. Couldn’t break 6 minute pace this morning, but I still feel pretty good.

These runs are on the 18th hour of a 24-hour dose… listed half-life is 15-20 hours, so I’m at least not running completely numb to pain… I do feel some, but it’s pretty manageable. I keep working icing into the routine as well.

First day back since the doctor’s appointment

…and since the 10k race in Lexington

6am this morning. 8.02 miles in 1:10:21… that’s 8’47” miles. Relatively tough for an easy run. 73° F, Overcast, Humid, 83% humidity.

Leg muscles, heart, and lungs were not happy. I felt okay afterwards. Did a little icing (frozen bottle rolls). The NSAID dose today helped calm pain down more today than yesterday. I’m walking pretty normally tonight, but I’m stepping on an ice pack at the moment.